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Your Pet's Instruction Manual
When You Can't Be There

Get wallet, keychain and decals that are super-charged with 21st century technology that automatically contacts your trusted pet guardians!

PetFolio keytag wallet card and decal

You might not make it home due to…

Travel Delays

Business trips, vacations, mechanical failures, natural disasters, pandemics – you may not be able to get home when you want to.


Car accidents, work accidents, family emergencies, severe weather – we can’t always be home when we need to be.

Illness or Disability (Pandemics)

Many of us take our health for granted – but people get sick all the time. Thinking about your pet’s detailed needs is the last thing you want to do when you aren’t feeling well.

The Unthinkable

No one wants to think about the possibility of never making it home – but tragedy happens. And when it does, sadly pets usually end up in crowded shelters where no one has their history to help them find a suitable family.

When you’re not there, your pet suffers. 

Stop worrying. We’ve got this. 

Give Your Pet a Voice, and Give Yourself Peace of Mind.

PetFolio is a first-of-its-kind pet lifestyle database and emergency notification system for pets. You’ll have the peace-of-mind you deserve, knowing that your pets will be cared for in the way that you want them cared for, at the times when you can’t be there  – no matter the reason.  

PetFolio Includes

A Smart Notification System

When an alert is triggered, you and the Guardians you've assigned are notified of an event by email and text messages.

Your Pet's Instructions

Document your pet's likes, dislikes, quirks, routines, habits and more so that anyone can care for your pet the way you would.

The Entire Pet Family

Record the individual lifestyles of up to 10 pets in one safe and convenient location.

Custom ID Cards

A custom wallet card and keychain tag will be mailed to you with your unique alert ID on it. Should an emergency arise, anyone can trigger the smart notification system using your code.

Assign Trusted Guardians

Choose up to three Guardians who you know and trust that can care for your pets if you aren't able to.


Include as much or as little detail about your pet's routines, lifestyle, and quirks as you want or think is necessary.

How It Works

Document Your Pet's Lifestyle

Create your pet's care roadmap. Record all of their lifestyle preferences from food and sleep, to play and bathroom habits and everything in between.

Assign Trusted Guardians

Share your pet's critical information with up to three trusted individuals - a neighbor, friend, petsitter, family member? You choose. You're in control.

Activate Smart Notifications

After you sign up, activate the smart alert notification system to ensure that your guardians will be notified in the event of a problem where your pets need an adult to step in and look out for them.

Rest Easy

You can relax knowing that if something happens to you, your pets can maintain their normal lifestyle and the people you know and trust have the information they need about your pet.

Ensure the people you trust have the roadmap to care for your pets the way you would.

What People Are Saying...

Don’t Leave Your Pet’s Care to Chance.

Complete Pet Lifestyle Questionnaire Guardians You Assign Smart Notification System Cloud Accessible Keychain Card Wallet Card Not Insurance. Not a PetSitter.


+ One-time $10 Registration Fee (for cards)
$ 3
  • Monthly Subscription has a one-time registration fee to cover the cost of materials.


No Registration Fee
$ 39 Yearly
  • No registration fee applies. Benefits are the same for both plans.

All Plans Include...

Up to 10 Pets Included Complete Pet Lifestyle Questionnaire Up to 3 Guardians You Assign Smart Notification/Alert System Cloud Accessible Keychain Card Wallet Card Not Insurance. Not a PetSitter.

They're as weird as your human family, but probably a lot cuter.

Our Guarantee

PetFolio is proud to empower pet owners like you to better care and plan for your pets’ future giving you the peace of mind you deserve. If you aren’t completely satisfied with PetFolio, let us know by contacting our customer support team

Why wait? You have nothing to lose.

They're unconditional love.