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Now there’s one secure, permanent, accessible place to hold all of the information critical to your pet’s wellbeing…and your peace of mind.

What's Included? Everything.

  • Digital Pet Instruction Manual

    Store all of your pet's information online where it's accessible to those you trust.

  • 10 Pet Profiles Per Account

    A unique profile for each pet in the household. Your entire pet family included at no extra charge.

  • 3 Guardians

    Give up to 3 trusted individuals access to your pet's instruction manual so they know how to care for your pet.

  • Smart Notification Service

    Automated alerts by email and SMS text message to you and your trusted guardians.

  • Custom Wallet & Key Card

    Customized with your account's HELP code

  • Internet and Cloud Accessible

    Access to your pet's instruction manual accessible from any device.

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