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PetFolio allows pet owners to enter the details of their pet’s daily living routines so that they can be properly cared for when you can’t be there for them: travel, working late, unexpected delay, sudden or grave illness, hospitalization, or (gasp) death. Pet owners know that our pets tell us their preferences – be it the type of kibble, the flavor or brand of treats, or even the type of litter box they like. PetFolio lets you enter all of your pets likes and dislikes, routines, and preferences and will allow your designated caregivers access to this information, should they need it to care for your pet in your absence.When PetFolio is activated, either by you or an emergency response personnel, your designated caregivers will be notified by email and text message that an event has occurred and that they need to check in on your pets and coordinate care with the other caregivers, if you’ve designated others.Your designated caregiver will know what to feed your pet, how often, your pet’s favorite brands, litter box preferences, play time preferences and sleep habits. They will also have access to any pet professionals your pet sees including your veterinarian, groomer, and pet sitter.

PetFolio provides you with a wallet card and keychain card with a unique code/identifier. If you need help, you can text the PetFolio system with your unique ID and the system will send out alerts to your designated caregivers (guardians). If you are unable to alert the system yourself, anyone else that is caring for you can activate the system by texting PetFolio using your unique ID that is printed on your wallet card and keychain card. This includes emergency response personnel, like police or firemen or a doctor or other health professional.Once the system is activated, designated guardians will receive alerts through both an email message and a text message. Your guardians are instructed to login to PetFolio to acknowledge the alert and coordinate care with other guardians if necessary.

PetFolio allows pet owners to enter the details of their pet’s daily living routines so that they can be properly cared for should something unexpected happens: sudden or grave illness, hospitalization, unexpected travel delay, or (eeek!) death.You are also provided with a wallet card and key chain card that lets people know that you have pets at home that need care. Emergency personnel, like police, fire or hospital staff can use the information on your card to alert PetFolio through our notification system. Once the system is activated, your pet’s designated guardians are notified that an event has taken place and that they need to care for your pets. You can designate up to three guardians who will be able to access one another’s contact information in order to coordinate care for your pets.

Signing up is easy! The amount of information you enter is up to you. The more detail, the happier your pets will be (provided the human in charge obeys).

  • Choose to pay monthly or annually
  • Set up your personal profile
  • Add one pet or multiple pets (up to 10!)
  • Fill out the detailed questionnaire for each pet. You’ll answer a series of questions about your pet’s preferences and quirks including:
    • Food preferences and brands
    • Litter preferences, litter box style and favored brands of litter
    • Where/when you dog likes to be let out
    • Play time habits including the types of play and toys your pet enjoys
    • Sleep habits including where your pet sleeps
    • Medical issues that require care including medication schedules
    • Finally, you’ll assign up to three designated guardians. These are individuals you know and trust to care for your pets when you aren’t able to. Guardians have read-only access to your instructions after you email them an invitation and they accept it.
    • You’re finished!

You can rest easy knowing that your pet’s preferences and lifestyle have been documented serving as your pet’s voice when you aren’t there for them – no matter the reason.

PetFolio allows you to document up to 10 pets per account.

PetFolio allows you to be as brief or specific about your individual pet’s needs. There are nine sections in total and you can fill out as much or as little as you like. The only section that is required is your pet’s basic information plus preferences about:

  • Food & Water
  • Personality Traits
  • Elimination Habits
  • Play & Exercise
  • Napping/Sleep Habits
  • Medical History or Current Medical Conditions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • A description of the ideal home for your pet, should you be unable to care for your pet indefinitely.

With PetFolio, you are able to name three designated caregivers or as we call them, “guardians.” A guardian is someone you trust to take care of your pet(s)  if you’re not able to, for whatever reason. This could be a petsitter, friend, neighbor, family member, co-worker – anyone that you know and trust. You will provide us with your guardian’s email address and we will send them an invitation to set up a “read-only” account. They will be able to see your pet’s preferences but will not be able to make changes to your account. Only you, the pet’s owner, can make changes to your pet’s account.

Alerts can be triggered in a variety of ways.

  • You can log into your account and click “Activate” to trigger the notification system
  • You can text your unique ID or “help code” to the toll-free number on your wallet card, keychain card or home decal. Enter the code exactly as it appears including any punctuation including hyphens.
  • Someone else can text your unique ID or “help code” to the toll-free number on your wallet card, keychain card or home decal. This can include anyone with you if you’re not able to text it yourself including police, first responders, hospital personnel, friends, family, etc. Anyone who has your code can text it to the toll-free number to trigger the notification system.
Once triggered, your designated Guardians will be notified by email and text that the notification system has been triggered and that your pets may be in need of care.
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