PetFolio Welcomes TICA!

What would happen to your cat if something happened to you? No one expects the unexpected. Take care of them today.

About PetFolio

PetFolio is the first-ever emergency notification system for pet parents that links their pet’s lifestyle profiles with the people who you trust most to care for your pets – no matter the reason.

PetFolio keytag wallet card and decal

What is PetFolio?

Pet Lifestyle Profiles

Create up to 10 pet profiles - one for each of your pets. Profiles detail their day-to-day lifestyle. 

What's Included?

Capture the intimate details of your pet's life. Their likes, dislikes, and preferences.

  • Upload a picture of your pet
  • Fill out lifestyle questionnaire for each pet.


Assign Guardians

Choose up to 3 people that you know and trust to care for your pets in case you can't be there. 

What's Included?

Assign Guardians You Know & Trust

  • Guardians have read-only access to see and print each pet's lifestyle profile 
  • Guardians can view other Guardians to coordinate care. 

Smart Notifications

Beyond just a window sticker, our smart notification ties your pets, their profiles and guardians in one place.​

What's Included?

  • Unique help code linked to your pet's profiles and their guardians
  • Receive a variety of materials displaying your unique code including: 
    • Wallet Cards
    • KeyChain Cards
    • Home Decal

PetFolio Helps When You Can't Be There

You couldn't make it home

No matter the reason, it could be an illness, an accident or a travel delay... you can't get home to your pets.

Your pet is waiting for you

Your pet might be home waiting for you to feed her, take her out, provide medications, etc.

Alerts triggered on your behalf

When your code is triggered by any third party, including first responders, the right people are notified: you and your Guardians.

Guardian Receives Alert

When your help code is texted to our toll-free number, your Guardians are automatically notified by email and text that your pets need help.

Guardian Visit Pet at Home

Your Guardian checks in on your pet and has access to all of their lifestyle profile so they understand immediately how to care for your pet.

What You Get

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